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Town of North Hempstead

Dear Friends and Neighbors,


Welcome to my website and my campaign for Receiver of Taxes for the Town of North Hempstead!


Since 2019, I’ve served you as a Councilwoman in North Hempstead.  Every step of the way, I have done my best to listen to your concerns and address your needs.


Now, I ask for your support for my candidacy for Receiver of Taxes.  I have the proven skills, leadership, and values to serve our community.


Fiscal experience.  As a corporate attorney, I managed multi-billion dollar deals and was accountable for every penny. 


Community experience.  As a volunteer and leader, I worked side-by-side with you on the Town Council, the Village of Kensington Zoning Board, The Temple Israel Board, North Shore Action, and the PTA.  

Life experience.  As a mother, friend, and neighbor I share your concerns about the bottom line - how each and every tax dollar is asessed and spent.  


I pledge to you that I will continue to work hard for your family every day as Receiver of Taxes.

Ultimately, this election is about who has the skills, experience, and know-how to get the job done.  It’s not about Wall Street.  It’s about Main Street - and Middle Neck Road, Plandome Road, Port Washington Boulevard, Westbury Avenue, Willis Avenue, Hillside Boulevard - and our entire North Hempstead community. 


As always, I look forward to seeing you at Town Hall, in our parks, at the train station, having lunch in our many restaurants, at Funday Monday or at one of the many other fantastic events in our community.


Onward together,



PS - Don't forget to REGISTER TO VOTE!  Election Day is November 7, 2023!

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