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Twenty Reasons to Vote for Veronica Lurvey

1. Local Government Experience: With her tenure on the North Hempstead Town Council, Veronica has a deep understanding of local government operations.


2. Corporate Attorney: As a corporate attorney, she brings valuable financial expertise and a keen eye for detail and fiscal responsibility to the role.


3. Budget Management: Veronica's experience in managing budgets and finances - increasing services and decreasing taxes -  is essential for overseeing tax collection.


4. Transparent Leadership: She is known for her commitment to transparency in financial matters, ensuring residents have access to clear and open financial information.  


5. Fiscal Responsibility: Veronica has consistently advocated for fiscal responsibility, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are managed prudently.


6. Responsive Governance: Her track record reflects her dedication to addressing residents' financial concerns promptly and effectively.  Provides tax grievance workshops for Town residents.


7. Accessible Receiver's Office: She is committed to making the Receiver's office accessible to all residents, providing assistance and information.


8. Preservation of Aaa Bond Rating: Veronica plays a pivotal role in preserving North Hempstead's Aaa bond rating, while cutting taxes and maintaining services, demonstrating her financial acumen.


9. Efficient Tax Collection: Her experience and dedication can lead to streamlined and efficient tax collection processes, benefiting both the town and its residents.    


10. Ethical Leadership: She is a strong advocate for ethical leadership, emphasizing accountability, integrity, and transparency in all financial matters.  She enacted new and comprehensive ethics trainings for all Town officials.


11. Community Engagement: Veronica actively engages with the community, seeking input and feedback to improve tax-related services.


12. Advocate for Tax Relief: She has a history of advocating for measures that provide tax relief for residents, easing the burden on taxpayers. She will provide information to constituents regarding availability of exemptions and information on how to grieve their taxes.


13. Innovative Solutions: Veronica supports innovative solutions to enhance tax collection methods, such as online payment options and electronic tax filing.


14. Environmental Stewardship: Her commitment to sustainability extends to financial practices, ensuring responsible use of resources.


15. Collaborative Approach: Veronica collaborates with fellow officials and community stakeholders to develop comprehensive tax policies.


16. Economic Growth: Her policies as a Council Member have promoted economic growth, ensuring a strong tax base that benefits the entire community.


17. Strong Leadership: She possesses the leadership qualities necessary to guide the Receiver's office effectively and make informed financial decisions.


18. Advocacy for Vulnerable Communities: Veronica champions measures to protect vulnerable communities from undue tax burdens.


19. Commitment to Education: She values financial education initiatives to empower residents with knowledge about tax matters through seminars and public meetings.


20. Passion for Public Service: Above all, Veronica's passion for public service and her dedication to North Hempstead make her the ideal candidate for Receiver of Taxes.



North Hempstead OKs $162.8M budget with extra money for roads, tree upkeep (Newsday)

“This is a responsible budget that gives residents a 5% tax cut, while also providing quality-of-life services and maintaining a stable fund balance,” Lurvey said. 

North Hempstead OKs $162.8M budget including 5% tax cut (The Island 360)

“I know how hard our residents work and that they deserve the very best services possible. It is our responsibility to deliver quality services to our residents, and I am proud that this budget does so in an efficient and effective way – while still cutting taxes 5 percent. With this budget, we are now better positioned to weather an uncertain economic future,” Lurvey said.

North Hempstead $127M capital plan includes park, road, lighthouse improvements (Newsday)

Councilwoman Veronica Lurvey called the plan "a blueprint for major infrastructure work" for the next five years.


North Hempstead officials attend Mashadi Senior Club’s Purim event (The Island Now)

Councilmember Lurvey Honored At Manhasset/Great Neck EOC Gala (Great Neck Record)

Councilmember Lurvey Honors Resident And Local Hero Ronald Poons (Great Neck Record)

North Hempstead Celebrates Lee Ielpi (Great Neck Record)

Councilmember Lurvey honors Ali Dowlatshahi (The Island 360)

North Hempstead celebrates National Night Out with events hosted across the town (The Island 360)


In North Hempstead, a plan to cut food waste is served (Newsday)

“There are certain actions that we can take to minimize the risks of climate change and reduce its long-term cost and this is one of the steps that we are taking to become a climate-smart community,” Councilwoman Veronica Lurvey said.

Growing LI's tree canopy with $2.1M in grants (Newsday)

North Hempstead Beach Park gets over $1 million for phase one of revitalization (The Island Now)


North Hempstead votes to repeal local law that limits pregnancy termination facilities (The Island 360)

Town of North Hempstead holds public meeting on decades-old abortion law (News12)

Town Rescinds Abortion Zoning Law (Manhasset Press)

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